Box pc with slots

Box-PC eBox639-840-FL

Industrial computer. Display2000.


CPU  - Intel Socket P Celeron
   Core 2Duo Processors
   up to 2Ghz
   GME965+ICH8M Chipset
SSD   - CF-Flash
Memory  - > 2GB DDR-2
Harddisk  - >40Gb
Interface  - 3x RS232
   1x RS232/422/485
   1x VGA
   6x USB 2.0
   2x LAN 10/100/1000MBit
   1x PS2 Mouse
   1x Keyboard
   1x Audio
   1x power
Power supply  - 10-30VDC 150W ATX
External adapter optional  - 100 - 240VAC
Operating systems  - WinXP,XPe,CE
Wall mount   - yes
Slots  - 1x PCI 1x PCIe
VESA mount kit  - no
Mechanical dimensions  - 221x230x146 mm
Operating environment  - -10..-+40°C