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Service / Quality assurance

Our service- / quality department uses the most modern equipment allowing our customers to take advantage of fast and reliable repairs and quality verification. Quality assurance is part of our product philosophy and professionally documented. Thus we meet the quality requirements of our customers by completely documenting and controlling each production step based on AQL-parameters. Further full transparency adminstration of serial numbers from the supplier to production/service is part of our quality concept. The certification according to ISO9001 : 2008 has strong impact on companies procedures and gives our customers a strong quality safety .

Display 2000. Partial view service- and quality-area

Partial view service- and quality-area

Further meeting the necessary safety and regulatory requirements (e.g. EN60950, UL) is an extremely important quality attribute of our products. It guarantees that costly equipment and machinery are not blocked by custom regulations when exported preventing costly delays and problems to our customers and consequently to their customers.



Our complete production undergoes a "Burn-in" process of 12 hours (min.)  in our burn-in room. This important quality measure leads to extremely low defects in the field, consequently causing a high degree of customer satisfaction. The same, but more intensive burn-in procedure is applied to new product developments. Thus weak points can be easily detected and corrected before the first series are delivered to our customers.

Display 2000. View into our heat-chamber (T:=50°C)

View into our heat-chamber (T:=50°C)