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Display 2000. Our production areaStarting point for the foundation of DISPLAY 2000 in 1990 was the decision, to produce our own product-line of high quality CRT-display systems aiming at the industrial automation market. The request for larger sreens than 14" was quickly adapted. Therefore the CRT-product-family of industrial monitors was complemented by 15" , 17" and 19" color-chassis-monitors und 19" rack-monitors for 14" to 17" CRT-displays.

As early as 1998 the change in display technologies led to in-house manufacturing and delivery of the first industry-compatible TFT-chassis-monitors. Caused by this technology advancement in consequence new product-series and standard products with adequate TFT-components were developed. Further DISPLAY 2000 was able to meet the growing individual requirements of our customers by specific system-solutions. Since 2002 they include complete touch-systems and associated components. Furthermore we develop and manufacture various special versions of customized display-systems (a. o. air-tight display-systems with built-in industrial computers).

Besides long-term availability of our products cost efficiency represents an essential attribute of DISPLAY 2000 product strategy. By carefully selecting our suppliers these customer requirements are met to a high degree. Our  ISO9001:2008 certification and cQPSul approved factory helps a lot our worldwide activ customers to penetrade their markets.


Complementary to our LCD-monitors we offer since 1998 a complete line of high-quality LCD-TFT-chassis-monitors with various dimensions. This offering reflects both market- and customer requirements and is based on their confidence in our technical competence. We fully support this product line and can offer a cost-effective and excellent alternative for industrial applications. The market asked for customdesigned and standard box-pc-system solutions. For standard box-pc solutions we cooperate with our longterm competent partner Axiomtek in Taiwan . Display2000 stands firmly behind this product line which arose from the demand of the market , customers and our own competence in these products.We provide by these strategy  acost effective and high-quality solution to our industrial customer. Youcan get more information if you click on the main links LCD-monitors, IPC-systems and Box-pc-systems.

Since 2002 a substantial know-how transfer for touch-screen applications was initialised. It is based on intensively cooperating with a market-leading manufacturer of different touch-technologies in fareast. As a result technically demanding customer specific solutions were developed and manufactured. In relation to this process system-specific controllers for TFT- displays and application oriented cabinet-solutions were elaborated and manufactured. Further information can be found under Touch-systems in the main navigation on each webpage.

Another component of a display-system-solution is represented by IPC`s (Industrial PC), which we offer in different and application-oriented versions. In addition we can meet the request for software-competence by extensive in-house training and years of experience. Therefore DISPLAY 2000 consequently advanced from a manufacturer of high-performance industrial OEM-displays towards a system-house for customer-specific complete display-system solutions for a wide range of applications.

In the year 2006 we started with embedded Windows operating systems to provide customer taylored solutions  for  Windows XP embedded and CE 5.0 and 6.0 . Our high quality engineers get regular trainings to supply the actual needed os like Windows7, Windows7 embedded and Windows7 compact to service our customers.

Other certifications - as the QPS-Certification of the production line we achieved to penetrade the US market . These approvals as well as the tests according to EN60950 (Safety) and EMI-approvals for american market (FCC) and european guidelines (CE) we provide to customers as a service .